Protected Persons

Conservatorships and Guardianships

Mr. Wilson has 38 years of experience in protecting the interests of those who are not capable of managing their own affairs. He has represented all parties in protected person proceedings in Probate Court. Families struggling with a loved one often turn to us for advice and counsel in the challenge of attempting to protect both the person and property of an incapacitated loved one while balancing the need for the protected person to retain as much independence and dignity as the circumstances will allow. Once the court finds a person to be legally incapacitated, we frequently are asked to remain involved to counsel and assist the appointed Guardian and Conservator with issues which arise through the years, as well as with the various court filings which are required. Mr Wilson has many times been appointed by the Probate Court to serve in Protected Person proceedings in such roles as Guardian Ad Litem or Attorney for the protected person, and Court Visitor.

Mental Illness and Substance Abuse

Mr. Wilson is experienced in Probate Court proceedings involving voluntary and involuntary commitments of family members who are mentally ill or who are involved in substance abuse. We are familiar with various services available to the mentally ill and those suffering with addiction, including both public and private facilities and out patient counseling alternatives.  Our firm includes both an attorney and staff member who are members of NAMI (National Alliance for the Mentally ILL) and have extensive knowledge and experience with the mentally ill and those suffering from addiction.

We would be pleased to offer a deeply caring and helping hand to any party involved in a protected party proceeding.